Dave Nimick: Is it overpaying if…?

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When buyers tend to think about having overpaid for their home.

Making the smartest decision that you can at the time you are making it in order to prevent buyer’s remorse.

How the market defines what a home is worth.

Identifying what overpaying means to you.

Key Takeaways:

The only two constants in real estate are that sellers want to sell for the most money, and buyers want to pay the lowest amount possible for a home.

The market will have ups and downs, so be comfortable with your buying decision upfront.

A home is worth what a qualified buyer is willing to pay for it, what the seller is willing to accept, and what the home appraises for.

The smartest decisions are based on both logic and emotion.

“You cannot predict the future. You want to make your real estate decision based on your current AND future needs.” —  Dave Nimick

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Dave Nimick is the owner of The Nimick Team, Inc. with Keller Williams Realty

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